Oilfield chemicals and 
drilling fluids

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From 1977 to today

When first established in 1977, Todnem specialized in the development and manufacturing of cleaning products to the aviation industry. In 1982 we became a supplier of oil dispersants for offshore operations, before expanding into wellbore cleaners in 1999. Per date we sell oilfield chemicals and drilling fluids world wide.

Wellbore clean-up-spacer

Todnem AS produces wellbore clean-up and spacers required within the area of completion, work-over and gravel pack operations. Tendex 200and Tendex 201 are used together to form the Tendex Petroclean pill for optimal mud removal. Tendex 200 can also be used as a standalone detergent for pit and equipment cleaning.

Sodium Bromide

Through our partnerships with high quality producers of Sodium Bromide,  Todnem AS is becoming a major provider of Sodium Bromide to a range of oil drilling and industrial applications.


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